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Bhutan - The land of Dragon

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"The absolute simplicity of life in the mountains... provided me with renewed perspective and a better insight into the true priorities in my life." Chris V.

The isolated mountain kingdom of Bhutan was hidden from the world until the 1970s. Bordering India in the south and Tibet in the north in a span of just 90 miles, Bhutan is a country of tremendous geographic diversity. From an altitude of 1,000 feet in the southern foothills, the mountains rise beyond 23,000 feet to form the great peaks of the Himalayan mountain chain.

The Bhutanese have been extremely cautious in the modernization and development of their country. Only a small number of tourists are allowed into Bhutan each year and independent travel by foreigners is restricted. These practices have resulted in the preservation of Bhutan's unique culture and religion, and the conservation of the country's incredible natural beauty. The tranquil valleys, majestic mountains and rural farmlands adorned with colorful Buddhist monasteries will leave you with lifelong impressions of a country of unparalleled beauty.

Cabaret Diosa Treks & Expeditions offers treks into Bhutan that coincide with Bhutanese cultural festivals, including the country's greatest celebrations in Paro and the capital city of Thimpu. These living festivals or tsechus, complete with costumes, music and dancing, are a wonderful way to join with the Bhutanese in celebration of their culture and traditions.

As with all our adventures, we'll take care of the necessary arrangements, including international air travel from Bangkok to Paro, allowing you full opportunity to enjoy and discover the beauty of Bhutan and its people. Join us for a rare visit to a country and culture long inaccessible to foreigners in the "Land of the Thunder Dragon"!

Click here for dates and information about trips to Bhutan