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Trekking the Kharkhiraa Valley in Western Mongolia 16 Days

Trekking with the Snow Leopards - In the northwestern province of Uvs lie the magnificent twin peaks of Mt. Kharkhiraa (4,037m/13,240ft) and Mt. Turgen (3,978m/13,050ft). This area is a renowned Snow Leopard habitat and an area of intensive international research. Horseback RidingUvs is also one of the least traveled parts of Mongolia, so "getting away from it all" is a certain. Our journey starts with a flight to the west, where this mountain range rises from the Lake Uvs Basin, Mongolia's largest lake and home to a vast variety of bird life.

On this trek we walk up the Kharkhiraa Valley, past herds of yaks, camels and horses, grazing on lush alpine meadows dotted with daisies and edelweiss. Local herders provide as much entertainment for us as we do for them. We rest at the pass between these peaks to explore the surrounding region, and for those who are game, don crampons to walk the short snow slope to the summit of Mt. Kharkhiraa. Three days walking and we meet our cars which will take us back to Ulaangom, but only after an overnight stop beside the spectacular Uureg Nuur. Our trek is horse and camel supported to add a unique dimension to trekking in Mongolia.

Lake Trekking in a remote region of Mongolia, culturally unique and visually stunning - a wilderness trek with no roads, buildings or infrastructure, just lush alpine valleys with a backdrop of glaciated peaks. Detailed itinerary available.

Family in ger The Kharkhiraa Valley is a remote wilderness area and there is no fixed infrastructure along the trek. This year we will trek the full length of the Kharkhiraa and Yamaatiin valleys. The trek is suitable for experienced hikers with good fitness. We walk a total of 65 miles, 10-13 miles per day along defined bridle trails, mostly in the valley floors.

Safety First This trek is led by an experienced western leader, trained in all aspects of mountain travel and safety. A comprehensive first aid kit and satellite telephone will accompany the trek.
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